Most Wanted

 Elusive People

An Introduction

Since many people "Google" their own names, I'm going to be placing the names of living folks here. People in branches of the family that I've been unable to contact. If you see your name here or know someone who has their name here, contact me!
Descendants of Wilfred Lorne SEAMAN

I'd like to contact any members of this part of the family. Names that I have are: wife, Kay CAMERON children, 1. Dianna Lynn SEAMAN 2. Lyle SEAMAN 3. Lloyd SEAMAN 4. Karen SEAMAN 5. Drew SEAMAN
Descendants of William Maurice SEAMAN

This is a brother of the above request. I'd also like to contact any members of this family. Wife, Julia WINNISKI - children: 1. Douglas SEAMAN 2. Nola SEAMAN
Descendants of George Ross SEAMAN

Yet another brother that I'm searching for. Wife, Lorraine GRANT. Children: 1. Lynn SEAMAN 2. Cheryl SEAMAN
Descendants of Gerald Leroy SEAMAN

And one last brother of this family that I'm searching out. No known wife or children.

 Mystery Photos