The Seaman Family website's research staff pause briefly from their ceaseless toil for a photograph.

Seaman Family History Website

This site is much more than the teaser articles accessible by the general public from the opening page. It is run by a database engine and most pages are created on the fly from live data. Multiple people from anywhere in the world can (with the proper rights) access and edit this data at the same times and their changes become part of the site instantly!

The hundreds of photos and details of our ancestors' lives have come from living relatives all across the United States and Canada. But we need much more. If you feel that information on your particular branch of the family tree is under-represented here, please help us fix that situation!

There are many ways you can help. If you have details on members of the Seaman family (descendants of Caleb Seaman) that we are missing, you can pass the information on to us via email or by using the "Contact Us" button that is located under the "Info" menu at the top of most website pages. This is also the best way to handle corrections.

If you have photos or documents (or videos and sound recordings) that you would like to see added to the site, there are several ways to get them to us. If they are already on your computer, simply email them to us. If they are actual photos or paper documents then you have some options. If you or a friend or family member has a scanner, you can scan them and then email the files to us. Or, failing that, you can package up the photos (or whatever) and send them via mail or UPS/Fed-Ex. I'll scan them and get them back to you promptly. Please be aware that photocopies, while better than nothing, are usually poor substitutes for scans.

Just who is behind this site? I have to plead guilty to this one. My name is James Boyd (Jim) Seaman Jr. I'm a GGGG-Grandson of Caleb Seaman currently living in Oaxaca, Mexico. I got started on this project while recovering from coronary artery bypass surgery in 2005 and it has since become a bit of an addiction.

Acknowledgement is given to these major sources of Seaman family information:

  • "The Seaman Family in America as Descended from Captain John Seaman of Hempstead, Long Island" by Mary Thomas Seaman - published in 1928.
    This is a huge work that is available online. Although original sources of information were not cited in the book and there are more than a few errors, it remains a great resource.

  • "The Family of Caleb Seaman" by Sherah Seaman
    This work was referenced by several online sources that were encountered in researching the family. I was given an old draft copy of the work by a cousin during a visit to Ontario in 2007. Unfortunately, it lacks a list of the sources of its information.

  • "Perpetual Pioneers - The Migrations of Caleb Seaman's Descendants in the 19th Century" by Keith D Weaver - self published in 1984.
    A booklet that gives highlights of the dispersal of Caleb's descendants from the area of Brockville, Ontario.

  • "Descendants of Daniel Murray Seaman" by Judy and Ludlow Seaman - self published in 2003.
    A synopsis of the Drummond Island Seamans - An extremely complete collection of the descendants of DM Seaman.

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