Seaman Family Genealogy Resources

  • "The Seaman Family in America as Descended from Captain John Seaman of Hempstead, Long Island" by Mary Thomas Seaman - published in 1928.
    This work, in a modified format, has been made available online here.

  • Another source of the data of this work, in a very different format and with additions, is available here.

  • A GEDCOM file of the (Capt. John) Seaman family tree was encountered somewhere on the internet and saved - unfortunately I have lost track of where I originally found it! It seems to be a collection of various sources such as Mary Thomas Seaman's work plus the work of Jordan Seaman, Sherah Seaman, Mary Powell Bunker and quite a few others plus some original research.

    From reviewing the sections where your webmaster has done his own research, it is rather incomplete and contains more than a few errors; but it is offered up as an interesting collection of data.

    It contains: 11252 individuals - 3984 marriages - 18 generations - 2046 different surnames. It is 5.7 MB in size.

    You may download it from by clicking here.

  • In October of 2007 the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) began airing a program about genealogy entitled "Who Do You Think You Are?" To quote from the CBC's website: "Who Do You Think You Are?" is a genealogy series in which 13 well known Canadians set out to discover their family roots. The series combines the allure and appeal of celebrity with the intrigue of uncovering secret, tantalizing tales. Each half hour episode combines the intimacy of observational documentary, the revelation of a well told detective story, the fascination of biography and the excitement of big picture history. The individual journeys into family history reflect the sweep and drama of Canada's past."

    On the CBC website they offer a short course on genealogy entitled "Genealogy 101". As a case study they use Billy Bishop. Billy Bishop was a Canadian war hero of WWI and is a Seaman descendent (3x great grandson of Caleb Seaman). Interesting reading and educational for those just starting out. The program's website can be found here. While the case study can be found here.

    Video promos of each episode are available for viewing online.